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Ahimsa is much more than non-violence; it is more than an attitude. It is a whole way of life and that is what we aim for here at Ahimsa! Our source of inspiration is Mahatma Gandhi’s charkha; a worldwide symbol of the Indian Independence Movement. We work similar to how a charkha does; a charkha spins and creates new cloth whereas we spin ideas and strategies for your brands to reach out to the masses. Charkha was, and still is a symbol of societal development and on the paths of that we started an initiative that supports and promotes Indian MSMEs over foreign brands to reinvigorate the fading art and culture of India.  

We work as a Business Development Company to help businesses become self-reliant and extremely profitable. We offer solutions such as Digital Advertisement & Marketing, B2B Networking, Social Media Branding & Management and Training Development Workshops. Ahimsa as a brand takes pride in its focus towards societal growth with the services we provide. With this digital boom when every brand is out there fighting for a space and a voice, we help you grow commercially. All this is done while keeping in mind the main idea behind Ahimsa – the idea of non-violence!

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Our vision is to provide holistic CSR and branding solutions to MSMEs and thereby enabling them with the required skill set to compete in a highly competitive dynamic business environment dominated by large companies. We hope to partner with almost all MSME in Uttar Pradesh in the next 5 years and start a movement that supports the promotion of MSME over foreign brands and reinvigorate the fading art and culture of our country.

We value the relationships we create with people and businesses who want to partner with us. We strive to find new strategies and avenues for your business and hopefully carve out a niche market for it. We have a professional team dedicated to realizing the goals set by our partners.

At Ahimsa, we strongly believe in possibilities of endless perceptions and interpretations. All of them matter to us. Hence, through open blogs, we want to create a platform for everyone to express their unfiltered views and opinions of business relevance. Drop us your write-ups on our email id and we will be in touch with you to help you through the procedure. Click here to check our blog posts.



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