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Copyright Registration Services

Copyright registration in India grants its proprietor sole rights to distribute, replicate, reproduce the work or give authorisation to another entity for the same.

They are the marks given to the creators for their field of art, literature, heritage and music. It offers a sense of protection by the jurisdiction that provides the authority of the original work to the author, writer, artist or whosoever created it.

When you own a copyright, you possess the right of doing or framing it for others by allowing them to reproduce your work into copies of the original. It can help you in performing the work publicly. The distribution of the copies is done to the local public with the help of selling, renting or leasing.

At Ahimsa, the in-house team of skilled experts will make sure to help you understand the registration of your work and whether it is registrable for the copyright. The copyright can be expressed physically or it can be non-tangible as well.


Explore our Copyright Registration Services:


  1. Data Check

  2. Copyright Filing

  3. Regular Updates


Steps of how copyright works for you:

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