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Do you want to do something out of the box in the advanced Business world? You are welcome to use Ahimsa Digi-cards that distinguish you from the other businesses and their competition as well. Not only is it is comfortable to share but also possesses an elegancy and can be used almost anywhere and everywhere. They stay with you always and can be accessed without worrying about wear and tear. These digital cards never run out and can be easily updated by using the dashboard.


Digital cards are the easiest process when it comes to sharing because you don't need to be present in-person to provide it to your clients or others. It takes just a click to send. Some applications allow sharing the Digi-cards via texts, social media, emails and many more. These unique cards provides an access to save all the information along with the URLs of the web and social media. All these facilities are accessed from a single place. If you need to modify or change your contact information, it gets updated according to the changes made. Thus, it is a relief when it comes to escaping the reprints for a whole new set of cards.

Digital Business Cards/ Mini Website

Starting from just ₹490

Why Switch to Ahimsa DigiCards?

  • It is way cheaper than printed visiting cards.

  • It is unnecessary to print thousands of visiting cards where people do not even use them nowadays.

  • Switching to our DigiCard will not only save you tons of money but also enable you to connect to your clients, just through a click.

Ahimsa India's Digital Card

We Believe in saving the Environment

Contribute your part to saving nature by adapting environment-friendly Digital Cards. By doing this, you not only save the trees for the extraction of paper but also reduce their carbon footprints.

No Hi-Tech Skills Need

You do not need to worry while creating, modifying or editing your digital cards. You can easily provide it to your clients and it does not require any technological abilities or technical motives to operate it. It is efficient to use!

How does it Work?

  1. Create the Card: You can create your own visualized Digicard for your website or we can create it for you as well, depending on your convenience.

  2. Save the Card link in your Device: Digital cards can be sent anywhere and everywhere as it has free access to almost anywhere around the world.

  3. Share it with your friends and clients: Sharing can be done through any medium such as text, social media, etc.  

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