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Email Marketing Services

When it comes to marketing, Email is the king!

With so many options on the internet, offering a range of features and solutions for your business, making the right choice can be tricky. To have a successful email marketing strategy you need to find the best email marketing service, and that is why we are here to help. We manage our patron’s subscribers, content, and campaigns, and deliver quality content. 

Starting from just ₹1990

Fully Managed Email Marketing Services

While many email marketing services may have similar features, what makes Ahimsa India different from rest of our competitors is our own advanced strategies and personalisation tools to personalise our client’s emails in order to boost their open rates and click through rates with ease.

  • Email Marketing Automation

  • Signup Forms

  • Email Testing

  • Email Design

  • Email Templates

  • List Management

  • Email Statistics

Ahimsa offers numerous features that you can take advantage of, including contact tagging and segmentation, automation workflows, and landing page building to ensure that you run a successful campaign.

Explore our Email Marketing Plan

Why does your business need Email Marketing?

Not only is Email Marketing cost-effective, but a vibrant and powerful way to connect with people. This personal way of reaching your targeted audience, works best when it is personalized. We at Ahimsa India tailor your emails according to the customers actions, so that every communication is relevant to their interest.

Let us give you six reasons why Email marketing is a channel you must not ignore:

  • Economic and Cost Effective:
    Email Marketing is easy, effective, inexpensive, and allows business owners to reach a larger audience at a rate of nearly nothing per message.


  • Personal and Customisable:
    When you write a post for your social media, you have to address your audience as a whole. But via Email Marketing, you can address people individually by their names. This builds your relationship with prospects, leads, current customers, and even past customers as it gives you an opportunity to speak directly with them.


  • Encourage Subscribers to Visit Your Store:
    By informing your subscribers about in-store events and specials, via Email, you can encourage them to visit your store physically. Not only will this be a great way to interact with your customers face-to-face, but they’ll get a chance to physically see your products and potentially make a purchase.


  • Encourage Subscribers to Visit Your Website:
    If you don’t have a physical storefront, you can still use emails to get users as well as tariff your website. Emails make it easier for subscribers to navigate from the email to your website, in the form of buttons and links throughout your emails, resulting in more website tariff.*


  • Email Marketing Has The Highest ROI:
    ROI is extremely important when it comes to business. It tells you how much profit you make for every dollar you spend in advertising, marketing, materials, or any other expenses. For every $1 you spend on Email Marketing you’ll essentially make $44 in profit. Now with that kind of ROI, there’s no excuse you shouldn’t be adopting an email marketing campaign for your business.


  • Email Marketing Drives Conversion:
    At the end of the day, conversions are what makes your business money. Without conversions, your business simply won’t stay afloat. So, when it comes to converting people into members, customers into supporters, email marketing is the way to go.

Features of Email Marketing Plan
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