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Enterprise Resource Planning

Ahimsa has a wide range of softwares that integrate management of your main business processes which allow you to keep a track of your data without a hustle. Our company regulates on different platforms, to enhance the development of the software. Because it is automated, it simplifies all the activities that take place in your organisation, such as accounting, project management, risk management and many more.

We make sure to help our customers reach their definite goals through designing custom ERP softwares as well.

Starting from just ₹490

Explore our Enterprise Resource Planning Services

Our softwares follow a unique approach and are quite simple for users to understand and regulate it according to their terms. We also care about our client's valuable data, hence, all our softwares backup automatically to the desktop or cloud that you have been using.

Our ERP systems can help your business grow by overcoming obstacles. It is cost-effective with increased productivity. It helps in improving decision making abilities, regulating and managing regulatory compliances. It also reduces the risk of human errors. ERP helps in scaling the business as it grows and also supports the immense collaboration by improving the chain of supply and reliability when it comes to the distribution of products and goods.

Our pre-designed ERP softwares include:

  • Inventory and Accounting ERP

  • Milk Collection ERP

  • Institute Management ERP

  • Blood Bank Management ERP

  • Seeds and Pesticides ERP

  • School Management ERP

  • College Management ERP

  • Vendor Purchase ERP

  • Gym Management ERP

  • HR Consultancy Management Softwares

  • Water-jar Management Softwares

  • Real Estate Management Softwares

  • Hotel Management Softwares

  • Diary Management Softwares

  • HR Management Softwares

  • Enquiry Management Softwares

  • Loan Management Softwares


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