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Influencer Marketing

Our team of experts develop unique content for a campaign, perform analysis after the launch of a campaign to measure the results, and generate reports on the same to help our clients in having a better understanding of the marketing campaign and its impact on the targeted audience. Our influencer marketing strategy includes connecting brands with bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers in India to target a larger audience for brand engagement. Here’s how we put our plan into action.

  • Design a suitable campaign

  • Search the best Influencer

  • Influence Analytics

We schedule every post and stay on top of the campaign as it progresses. Our influencers act as ambassadors, staying engaged with their audience, and keep their content fresh and relevant for both their followers and the client. Ahimsa India provides detailed reports that focus on metrics which matter the most. We analyse and identify, which influencer will deliver the most impact and the content type, and channels that work the best for our clients.

With more than 50% of Indians using one or the other forms of social media, and being influenced by the influencers they follow online. We at Ahimsa India never underestimate the power of social media, and believe that businesses cannot afford to ignore the popularity and importance of Social Media.

To make sure your brand is pitched among the right audience, we connect our clients with highly influential voices on social media. We trust in empowering creative minds through brand stories and experiences. We help our client in building an emotionally-charged, high-intent campaign with real influencers. As a result, we create brand awareness, brand affinity, action, and results with our influential network.

Our services under Influencer Marketing

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