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4 Tips to Grow 11,529 Followers in a Week

Instagram is a video and image sharing platform that is used by over 1 billion people all over the world. There are some users with a new account getting likes in thousands in the beginning days. And you can also see many accounts with less engagement. Why is it so? Ahimsa India is an organization that works for the development of MSMEs. It guides the business and provides the solution of every question to them by conducting seminars or through blogs.

Everyone wants to be famous on Instagram but they don't want to wait for long. So, the questions that come in our mind are - Is it possible to get thousands of followers in just a week? How to engage more and more users on our account? So, the answer is Yes, a big yes. You or anyone can increase up to 11,529 followers in a week and can even engage more and more users on your posts. And for this, you just need to follow the rules that are listed below.

1. Post quality and length

The first and foremost thing is to post consistently. By consistency, it means that the algorithm of Instagram demands original and eye-catching content on daily basis. Instagram is an image sharing platform, but it has now come up with a feature of IGTV. So, it will be better for the user to post videos as well. As it demands the original image to be posted, it also demands long videos to be posted. The videos should be of few minutes instead of few seconds. It will help you in engaging more users in your profile. Sharing videos will bring more engagement to your account than the images.

2. Use hashtags and respond to comments

Hashtags play a vital role while engaging users and collecting likes, comments, and followers. Create a set of 30 hashtags for your account. For this, you can take the help of the hashtag analytics tools like Flick, hashtagify, etc.

Responding to the comments is quite necessary to turn the random viewers into potential viewers. If you will engage with them, they will always come back to your account and engage with you back and that's all that you want.

3. Post multiple stories

The best possible way to engage maximum users to your account is through the way of adding stories. You can post images or videos or a combination of both in your story. It is recommended not to share all the stories at once but try to share them in intervals. You can add polls to engage more users and get the maximum benefit of this. You can share over 20 stories each day to boost your likes and followers. The more you share, the better engagement you get.

4. Go live and ask for likes

Going live can be an effective step to boost engagement. Instagram not only wants the images or videos to be posted but wants the users to go live with their audience. Going live doesn't mean to engage with big pages but it simply means to engage with people more and more. The algorithm wants you to be active and consistent most of the time. Last but not least is to ask for likes. You should ask the pages with a larger audience than yours to like your post. It can become a little complex thing for you to convince them for the same. But it becomes important to boost the followers. You need to ask at least 6 big pages to like your post within the first hours of posting the content. Try to convince them.


You can get thousands of followers in a week by following the simple steps for free. It just needs your consistency, quality of content, your engagement with others, and few more things. It's always beneficial to follow the guidelines of Instagram and take wise actions. Follow the tips given above to make your brand famous on Instagram. You just need to work smarter and not harder. You can also take the help of the analytics tools for the same.

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