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6 Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tips for Becoming a Data-Savvy Marketer

Being a social media marketer you consistently share the content, images, or videos on several social media sites to promote your brand to achieve your goal. The goal may be to gather the maximum audience and any other. How will you identify that your posts are doing good or bad? How will you measure their performance? Here comes the crucial role of social media analytics.

Social media analytics measures the performance of your posts and provides a report. This report helps you in taking further actions to achieve success.

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Are you wondering to be a data-savvy marketer?

Here, the 6 social media analytics and reporting tips for becoming a data-savvy marketer are listed below. Just go through them and create your brand a superior one with high-level thinking and marketing.

1. Create quick reports

For this first set your goals then, decide what metrics to involve in the report. Earlier, the marketers were required to prepare the reports manually but now you can prepare reports in some clicks with the help of social media analytics. What you have to do? Just select any one of the charts available on the tool like performance overview chart, post breakdown chart, and many more. Click on "add to report" and that's it. Your accurate report is ready in just a few seconds. It's not only easy and simple to use but also reliable and trustworthy. You can also export the data for any alteration.

2. Set benchmarks for your performance

Set the benchmarks for your performance, this will help you in evaluating whether you have met your standards or not. The benchmarks of a business having the same level and producing the same product may vary. You can set your benchmarks as per your goal. If you want to compete set benchmarks accordingly and if your aim is not to compete but to earn a profit, your benchmark will be different. Benchmarks can be aspirational, earned, traditional, and competitive. But the important thing is to stand on them. You can scroll your posts and will come to know whether you are above or below the benchmarks. You should keep on checking your posts frequently.

3. Measure total engagement

The engagement rate is the rate of engagement of people or customers on your posts. You can check and analyze the change in the engagement rate on your posts through these social media analytics. These measurements of engagement will give you your best and worst posts in terms of attracting people. You can then, create, change or add something unique to make your posts interesting and attractive which will help you in boosting your performance. You can adopt various methods to measure the performance like revenue per channel, sorting columns, sharing a score, and many more.

4. Add context to the data you pull

Content is the first and foremost thing to attract customers. Adding the data makes it reliable and trustworthy and it will be much better for the social media marketer to add context to the data you pull on various social media platforms. Nowadays, people are following the trend thus, if you are a starter you can begin your content sharing by adding trendy data with context available in the market or on social media. This will give a hit to your performance through posts. You will see a positive change in your likes, reach, and followers.

5. Find the best time to post

Posting consistently on social media platforms is a good action to be taken to achieve success but it will be like a cherry on your cake if you will find the best time to post. For this, you will have to analyze your customers' behavior. Analyze the time when they tend to be online, the season that will be more preferable to buy your brand for them and post accordingly. The time study gives you better results for your posts' performance. On Facebook, you can check the Facebook insights and on Instagram, you can check the Instagram insights for the same. You should post in the most active hours or days.

6. Reuse your top posts

Republishing the top posts after a few weeks of the initial posting helps in maximizing the value of that post or your brand. Social media analytics tools give you a report of your top posts with their performance. You can check it out and take all the benefits you can. Help your brand with such tools to gain maximum benefit. Reposting will generate more engagement and thus, will increase awareness of your brand among the people or customers. This will also help you in finding relevant customers.


The 6 social media analytics and reporting tips mentioned above will serve your purpose of posting. Help your brand with these tips and create a successful journey in the market or on social media. You can do more with the data evaluated by the social media analytics tools. These tips are reliable and trustworthy, you should give them a try and you will find an increase in your reach, likes, followers, and ultimately your performance.

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