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8 Most Common Carousel Mistakes

Social media provides the users with the ability or capacity to share multiple photos or videos in a single carousel post. The feature is supported in iOS and Android devices. This helps in making a theme for the marketers to advertise and for the users to swipe and see.

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Beginners are more likely to make carousel mistakes that can affect their insights. To avoid or eliminate such carousel mistakes, the users can make a checklist of the mistakes that are mentioned below.

1. Tedious content

Most of the time, people don't have the right content to share. But they do share some boring or bland content just because they want to post. They share this in the hope that this will engage their followers to their post but this gives a bad impression. People either don't swipe to see the next slide or they sometimes end up unfollowing. This should be avoided, user should firstly think and collect the information then, only they should post.

2. Font and frame size

Font size should neither be too heavy nor should be too light. The font size should be attractive and eye-catching which is neither too big nor too small. And the frame size should be proper. Sometimes, it happens that people don't give importance to the frame size and they end up cutting or cropping the image. Although, these are small things but should be avoided.

3. fewer visuals

A picture is worth a thousand words. The carousel posts that are to be posted should avoid the users to read. The texts should be fewer. The posts should be designed in a way that the viewers can understand the concept or idea more through the visuals. This will make the viewers swipe otherwise they will scroll down.

4. Weak call to action

Asking a question through the posts is an effective way to engage more audience. But at the same time, the questions should be relevant and should only be asked if it is to be replied by the one sharing the same. Avoid asking fake or irrelevant questions just to trigger the comments. The idea of a call to action should be mutually beneficial.

5. Excessive text

Many times it happens, that people add more text in the early two to three slides, and then, they work with visuals in the last slides. Viewers generally go with the mindset that all the slides are designed similarly and they scroll down because it becomes too heavy on the viewer's head to read the slides mainly if they are just scrolling. This should be avoided. There should be a proper balance of texts and visuals in every slide.

6. Stolen content

Of course, the content should not be copied or stolen. This will just result in decreasing the insights. The content should always be original, interactive, and impressive. Think, search, create, design content, and re-assess it. The final carousel post should be stunning.

7. Uneven space

Don't just create a mess by adding everything or too much in the slides. Just try to add important things only. Give proper space between the texts and the visuals and maintain a proper balance. Design the posts to make them look interesting, informative, and creative.

8. No proper theme

There should be a proper theme for the carousel post. People sometimes, just select the images or videos and shares them in an unorganized way. Start with the slide cover, then start adding the slides but each slide should follow the idea of the theme. This helps in catching the eyes of the viewers and makes it interesting for them also to have a look at the post.


The users should make a checklist of the mistakes that are mentioned above before posting the things on social media or websites such as no tedious content, proper font and frame size, added visuals, call to action, less text, original content, proper space, and a perfect theme.


Carousel mistakes are inevitable for beginners, but keeping in mind the things propel or marketers can avoid these mistakes to happen. They are advised to check their posts before the final posting. These little things make the users swipe instead of scrolling down.

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