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9 Top App Design Trends for 2021

Nowadays, the competition is cutthroat and people are quite picky. The apps should be useful but in today's era of time, it's more important for apps to look cool, stylish, and modern. They will attract people towards them. As many applications are providing several features that are more or less the same, these app design trends make them not only different but unique.

The trending designs make them attractive and force people to think - let's give it a try!

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Businesses can now have a different and unique look or design for their applications based on the trend for the upcoming year 2021. The most amazing and effective app design trends for 2021 are listed below.

1. Neumorphism

Neumorphism a short for 'new skeuomorphism'. The app design trend is for the icons and buttons. It just gives an idea to change the style of the icons and buttons and make them more attractive. It talks about giving a realistic look to them by improving 3D graphics. The trend is to keep the icons a little bit flat with a real-life image concept.

2. Animation

The animation is the most popular feature of web design that is done not only as decor for an app but to provide functionality as well. The animation should have a positive, useful, and smooth effect on the app. Full-fledged animated background can be a catchy thing for the users. Animation helps the users to get the information they need without or less scrolling. The applied animation should not affect the content, size, or color of the actual content.

3. Abstract art compositions

Abstract art compositions can be very effective for a business. Adding abstract art compositions to the website can strengthen the brand. Web designers are nowadays, trying to make simple shapes like rectangles and circles into more complex and attractive ones. Using abstract art compositions the websites look attractive, unique, and can sometimes be breathtaking. Users are more likely to visit websites with such designs.

4. Motion graphics

Motion graphics can give away information quickly and easily. Motion graphics are better than written words but should not be used excessively. Motion graphics play a vital role in attracting visitors to visit the website and can be used to make ads. Motion graphics are not only attractive but are also easy and cheaper to create. Its elegant style forces the visitors to think about giving it a try. It makes brand content shareable across different social media platforms.

5. Color and fullscreen

Color can play a vital role in gaining insights if is used accurately. The app should use a color that is easy on the visitor's eyes. Different colors symbolize different meanings like red is used to warn, bright colors symbolizes freshness, etc. The app can use contrasts and more.

Fullscreen performance can seek the user's attention, can engage them, and build their interest. It helps in boosting conversion rates, doesn't distract the users. It can be a smart and effective move to include the full-screen immersive design in the app.

6. Personalization

Personalization simply means to interact personally with the existing customers digitally. The aim is to make the existing customer a permanent customer. The product and the experience should be shared keeping in mind the needs of the customers. The interaction should be meaningful for the customers that should satisfy them. The app having a personalization design helps the website to gain insights and audience and that's what business looks for.

7. ID authentication

Nowadays, hacking is a normal thing that is happening on the daily basis. Everything is digital and most of the population is using digital platforms. Data security is a priority for everyone. People are more likely to get attracted to apps that are having an identity authentication system. The system can include security features like fingerprint, retina, face, voice, or biometrics proof to have access to the apps. It ensures that the actual user is using the app preventing frauds and helps build trust.

8. 3D modeling

3D modeling makes the app to be designed more efficiently. It allows visitors and creators to see the things that were not visible in 2D modeling. It is more realistic, easy, and quick to create or to change. It is better for marketing the brand and doing projects. It's worth saying that it's a boon for interior designers, marketers, and businesses. It gives users a real-time view and a good experience. It engages the users and provides a more informative way.

9. Synchronization

In today's era of time, people are not just limited to a single app or device. They use multiple apps or devices at a time - like a mobile, tablet, laptop, and more. People are more likely to adopt apps that can be synchronized easily with multiple devices. So, they need not save or transfer the data on different devices as it is a hectic and time-consuming process. The app should provide a synchronization feature with security and good data quality.


People easily use or adapt to the things that are in trend whether it is about an app or anything else. The competition is neck to neck, everyone wants to survive and survival needs to accept the challenge and tackle them. There are several applications in the world promoting the brand or products. The environment is dynamic, it is important to come up with something new and out of the box idea. The latest trends of app design will help the business in gaining insights if used rightly or implemented effectively.

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