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Best Calendar Apps

Earlier, the calendar was just a tool to be used to see the dates, days, weeks, months, and years, but as time is changing and technology has evolved. The calendar has replaced its physical existence with an electronic form. It has not only changed its form but also has become capable of doing more for the users. You can now set reminders, set schedules, arrange the meetings, and many more with these electronic calendars. There are plenty of calendar apps available all across the world, but some best calendar apps are listed below.

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar not only provides the dates, days, weeks, and months of 365 days to you but also allows you to create your new calendars or schedule for the different works or tasks for your daily routine. It can schedule the time for your events and also suggest you with your free time for further projects. It basically makes your life easier and well organized. It respects your privacy, and thus, you can also hide the details of your event. Its other key features include add attachments, enable the world clock, enable working hours, email event guests, add meeting locations, use desktop notifications, adjust event notification time, adjusting appointment times, use keyboard shortcuts, etc. Google Calendar is available for free and can be used with a Google account.

2. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is not just a tool to show you the calendar but also a platform that allows the users to fix the date and time for appointments and events and organize meetings. It provides a number of features, including view group schedules, views calendars side by side, view calendars on top of one another in the overlay view, links to calendars on Microsoft sites, sharing calendars via email, and many more. It helps you in organizing your schedule from anywhere at any time and also reminds you of your upcoming events. And lets you see the big and complete picture of your tasks. To get your Outlook calendar, click on the View tab then, click on the To-Do bar and click on the calendar. It's just that easy, and you can now start with the app.

3. Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar is an application that can only be used by iPhone users available for Mac. It provides a number of benefits to the users, such as add, modifies or delete events and create events. It allows you to set up a new event easily. You can add location and time for your events. Also, it provides you with event alerts to remind you of your events before time. You can receive notifications. It gives you a chance or a platform to invite people to your events, and they can also give replies to your invitations. And with all these, it allows adding notes, URLs, and files to the events.

4. Calendly

Calendly is an app that allows you to conduct all types of meeting like one on one, round-robin, collective, and group. It sends you alerts and notifications for upcoming events or meetings and customizes your profile. It comes with a pack of features such as a single view of varying events, new or existing team members set up, centralized billing, metrics, and reporting. The calendar can be integrated with Google, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud and also allows your other team members to schedule directly from your website. You can go for 14 trials before buying any subscription. Its pricing starts at $10 per month per user.

5. makes it easy for you to organize your tasks, meetings, projects, lists, and set reminders in a single platform. The app can be assessed on mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, and on watch. And moreover, the platform can be synced easily with other platforms. It makes sure that you don't forget your schedule and thus, grants you to set recurring and location-based reminders. You can even choose the theme according to your events or schedule. It sends you notifications via WhatsApp as well using natural language. Its pricing is as follows :

For 1 month - $5.99 per month

For 6 months - $4.49 per month

For 1 year - $2.99 per month

6. Fantastical

Fantastical is a platform that not only allows you to set reminders and organize your schedule but also grants you to sync your routine with other devices. With this, you get additional benefits like templates, weather settings, notifications, alerts, reminders, and more. It allows you to turn light or dark mode on your devices, and you can attach photos and files along with the schedule. You can send event proposals to your teammates and makes it easy for you to organize your complex schedule easily and quickly. It is available for free with limited features, and you can go for premium options to avail beat of it. Its pricing starts at $4.99 per month.


Earlier, physical calendars were a part of life just to show the date, week, month to the people, but as time has changed, technology has improved, these calendars have evolved from a physical model to an electronic one. These electronic calendars not only show you the date and month but make it easy for you to remind things. You can schedule the events, set an alert, invite the people for the events, and many more with just a few easy clicks.

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