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Best Email Apps

Email- short for Electronic Mail, is a widely used communication method nowadays. You just need to have an application installed on your devices, and all the benefits come to you on their own. It's not a complex thing to use such platforms; it is quite easier, quick, effective, and efficient. Ahimsa India is an organization that works for the upliftment of businesses and guides them through webinars, seminars and blogs. It also provides a variety of relevant services at reasonable prices.

Are you looking for the best email apps for your devices? Here is the list of the best email apps for you.

1. Gmail

Gmail is the most widely used platform for email users, whether an individual or a business. It's because of its wide variety of features such as scheduling emails, drag email between tabs, getting Google AI to compose an email, setting an expiry time, and receiving notifications. The best part about the platform is that it can be used offline and can be used as an online payment bank as it allows to send and request money. The mails can be saved and can be starred or synced to google drive. The mails are managed by dates which makes it easy for the users to have access to them. Messages or emails can be synced and translated into multiple languages. It's easy to use interface attracts people.

2. Hotmail

Hotmail is a free Webmail service provided by Microsoft Corporation. It is another platform that grants the users to mail the messages and takes care of their security. It offers various features such as security, view, edit and share office documents and real-time document collaboration. If you want to change a little bit of a received message and wish to reply to it, you can easily edit and reply. It eliminates the problem of compressing the files as it grants you to share the files of up to the size of 10 GB in a single mail. Moreover, it provides quick views, conversion views, and spam can be removed. You can also attach as many photos as you want, and it gives you a search bar to find your emails even more easily now.

3. Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the most popular free Webmail providers, which allows the users to send and receive messages and manage them by setting up or by creating various folders. It will enable the users to quickly scan the mails and provide them with an easy and quick view of multiple mails. The platform still prefers old and well-established websites and is the third most trafficked tool over the Internet. It provides a storage capacity of 25 GB, and you can save your contacts online here and moreover, it allows you to send mail, attachments, pictures and more up to 25 MB.

4. Mail Outlook

Millions of people are using Mail Outlook on a daily basis. Here, it not only allows you to send and receive messages or emails but serves even more. You can schedule your mail with the time when you want to send it. It becomes quite hectic to do different tasks from different platforms; this provides you with a platform to create meetings, fix appointments, schedule tasks and projects and invite or manage your contacts from a single window. You can send similar mail to many people quickly with some editing if you want. It gives you permission to use the keyboard shortcuts to enhance the performance of your business. You can even view your messages or mails in your own way. Your calendar or schedule can also be shared with your teammates or team members easily for effective and efficient teamwork.

5. BlueMail

BlueMail is one of the best mail application for Android users for detailed customization. BlueMail by Blix is a free platform and can manage the number of mail accounts effectively and efficiently. It also allows the users for smart push notifications and is perfect for businesses as it grants you group emailing while enabling personalization across multiple email accounts. The platform is itself a client and not a host; thus, you don't have to worry about security. It allows you to backup the data with the Google account. Its navigation picker helps you access any account. Your calendar can be easily integrated with the app, and with this feature, you can plan events, invite, set reminders and your events and updates automatically get synced. It also includes a wide range of visuals, swipe actions, menus, action bars, buttons, colours and themes.


Email is a way of exchanging messages from sender to receiver operated across the Internet. There are various platforms for digital mails like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Mail, Outlook and others. Email server allows the users to send, receive, forward and store the messages. People are using this worldwide because it is fast and cheap. Businesses nowadays adopt email for promotional benefits, and mainly they are attracted by its spam feature.

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