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Best Note-Taking Apps

Note-making is simply a process of condensing the information, thoughts, views, and more in your own words. Earlier, people were needed to have a pen and paper to take down the notes, but nowadays, the note-taking tools have given us the platform electronically, which is even safer and saves time. The note-making tools grant the users to take down notes whenever and wherever they want in the text format. There are a number of note-making tools available worldwide for Windows, Mac, and Android users, but the best six such tools are listed below.

1. OneNote

OneNote is a note-making tool that enables users to have access to its benefits for free. The users get a space of 5GB. It is packed with a number of features such as sticky notes, page templates, custom tags, internal links, split and merge containers, and more. Users are allowed to translate the text or the entire note into different languages. You can create as many pages as you want and can arrange them alphabetically or by date. You can share your content with OneNote through email, and it also gives you a mini toolbar. We all face some problems while solving mathematical equations; the inbuilt assistant will also help you in solving your calculations.

2. Evernote

Evernote is a note-making tool that enables the users to have access to its benefits for free and is also available on premium. Its key features include sync to all your devices, clip web pages, images, pdf files, annotate PDFs, single sign-on, central user administration, collaborate in a single workspace, automate user provisioning with SCIM. It also allows you to search for text inside images, share your notes, add passcode lock, and access notebooks offline. It presents the notes in just one click, and you can scan and digitize your business cards with this. It includes some more features like brainstorming, content management, document management, and project management. Its pricing starts at ₹1,500 per year for individuals and ₹5,000 per year for business users.

3. Notion

Notion is also a note-making platform that allows the users to add a list, text, videos, sounds, etc., in their notes. It can also be used to assign the tasks for your team and allows you to create folders to categorize the notes. You can create a different and unique template for each note prepares a to-do list for you to keep you focused. The tool can be integrated with other platforms as well, such as email, various websites, and Google Drive. The personal plan of the app can be availed at $4 per month, which includes one member, unlimited guests, blocks, and file uploads with plus 30 days version history.

4. Google Keep

Google Keep is actually a good platform to take down the notes electronically, especially if you are a student. Here, you will be able to keep your notes well organizes and can create a to-dos list easily and effortlessly. The app allows you to collaborate with your teammates, and you can also set reminders to stay on track. The app can be synced with multiple devices; thus, it also eliminates the waste of your time in transferring the files or folders. Google keep is easy on the eyes, too, and it's perfect for simple and easy preparation of notes. It also has speech recognition capabilities, and with this, you can save voice memos. You get 15GB of space in this for free. And can get more by paying like 100GB in just $1.99 per month, 200 GB in just $2.99 per month, and 2TB for $9.99 per month.

5. Standard Notes

Standard Notes is an open-source and completely encrypted notes app that can be availed for free and is available for Android devices. It gives you a platform to take down the notes where you feel more organized and safe. It respects your privacy and is efficient in taking down notes. You can hide your notes even without any security like passwords or fingerprints. It's a simple and private notes app. It's easy to use, organized provides a cross-platform facility, and secured.

6. Simplenote

Simplenote is an efficient platform to take down notes anytime from anywhere with markdown support. It supports the cross-platform and is quite straight forward which implies it's easy and effective to use and to keep your notes well organized. It also gives you some limited colors and templates to make your notes look even more attractive. The app is appropriate for taking and sharing notes with your teammates or among freelancers. The app is entirely free to use and grants you to share the notes online in real-time. It can be availed for free by iPhone and iPod users.


Nota Making is a process of converting the information provided to you in a condensed form. As it is created on your own, it becomes easy for you to learn and memorize it. Note-taking is a good habit and is fruitful. This keeps you focused, open-minded and attentive. Now, with these tools, you can take down the notes anytime and from anywhere, and also, you can carry these notes with you always. Taking down the notes electronically is a safer option to choose as it reduces the chances of misplaced.

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