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Best Video Conferencing Apps

Nowadays, not only people but many businesses also rely on video conferencing apps to conduct meetings and have a discussion or to share ideas. Video conferencing allows the users to see and hear each other virtually, which gives a feel of natural conversations. These are becoming important day by day, and people are using the facility or technology for interview purposes, seminars, webinars, meetings, presentations, and more. It eliminates the expenses of traveling and also saves time that can be used doing other tasks and thus, increases productivity. And the meetings can be held at short notice and at a reasonable price. Ahimsa India, an organization working with an aim to contribute to the development of MSMEs. It provides various services and guides businesses or individuals by way of conducting seminars and through informative blogs.

1. Zoom

Zoom is the best enterprise collaboration software for meetings. It enables the users to access the meetings without sign in for free. It provides calendar integration and gives room to wait for the people who join the meeting. It includes a brainstorming feature as it allows users to share multiple screens at a time. It allows the users to share PowerPoint, images, and other file types. It grants you to create your personal meeting room, and you can host a meeting anytime. Its pricing is as follows :

Basic: free

Pro: $14.99 per month

Business: $19.99 per month

Enterprise: $19.99 per month

2. Google Meet

Google Meet is an easy-to-use platform which gives you the option to turn on or off your camera, video, and audio. The other apps can be synced with the app. It allows 100 users to attend the meeting at a time for free. You can extend the meeting for long hours; there is no time limit. Google Meet also comes with an excellent level of encryption. It also allows you to share a URL for the invitation. Its pricing is as follows :

Basic: $6 per month per user

Business: $12 per month per user

Enterprise: $25 per month per user

3. Go To Meeting

Gotomeeting is a video conferencing tool that allows the users to conduct the meeting online with up to 250 participants where the users can share any file type in real-time, saving time and at a reasonable price. Leaders can start a meeting instantly by clicking "Meet Now", can schedule a meeting in advance, or can create a recurring meeting that is ready to use at any time. The app is supported on Mac, PC, iPad, Phone, or Android device. It gives you a URL to be shared or used for inviting the users via various platforms like email or others. It also includes drawing tools, full desktop sharing, instant messaging, integrated scheduling, and HD faces. Its pricing is as follows :

Professional: $12 per month 150 participants

Business: $16 per month 250 participants

Enterprise : 3,000 participants

4. is one of the best video conferencing tools that offers instant messaging, screen sharing, scheduling meetings, instant meetings, invitations, recording, mobile access, multiple channel access, screen control, sharing of mouse control, annotate meetings, and exit meetings options and many more. It can be easily synced with other software such as Outlook, Google Calendar, and more. Its pricing is as follows :

Lite: $10 per month 5 participants

Pro: $20 per month 50 participants

Business: $30 per month 250 participants

5. WebEx

WebEx is easy to use and secures video conferencing app. Over 200 million meetings are conducted using the platform by all sizes of businesses where you can take benefits of free video calls and screen sharing. The presentations, webinars, seminars, and meetings can be conducted easily and in an effective way and also allows you to collaborate with your team. Here, you get much more than just a video conference call. Its pricing is as follows :

Free: 30 days trial

Starter: $13.50 per month up to 50 participants

Plus: $17.95 per month for up to 100 participants

Business: $26.96 per month up to 200 participants

Enterprise: up to 1,000 participants

6. Slack

Slack is the best enterprise collaboration platform for messaging. It provides a single platform for messaging, tools, and files. Its key features include voice and video calls, unlimited messaging, integration with Google Drive and others, automate communication or actions, search option, file sharing, security of data, collaboration with teams, and more. It allows users to communicate via audio call. Its pricing is as follows :

Basic: free

Standard: $6.67 per month

Plus: $12.50 per month

7. Skype

Skype allows you not only to conduct video conference calls but also gives you a platform to conduct meetings online, hold an interview, and anyone can connect or host the meeting from anywhere. It also includes conference up to 100 participants, calls recording, enables live captions, subtitles, or smart chat. Its pricing is as follows :

Unlimited world: $13.99 per month

Unlimited North America: $7.99 per month

Unlimited US and Canada: $2.99 per month.

8. Bluejeans

Bluejeans is an easy-to-use, secure video conferencing app that allows live streaming and video calling. It includes various features such as text chat, secure meetings, video sharing, meeting recording, set access passwords and permissions, and many more.

Its pricing is as follows :

Standard: $9.99 per month

Pro: $13.99 per month.