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Ek kadam Ahimsa ki ore.

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Ahimsa, a word which the Indian subcontinent has identified to more than any other word, was coined by the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi in the independence struggle of the country brought to fruition around 72 years back. To the more intellectual ones of us here who read their textbooks back in the day, it was also associated with the African struggle for independence and more recently by the Indian populace in the movement led by Anna Hazare.

All that we gather from these instances is that the word by itself has gone through transition overtime in its connotation through the application of the citizens towards the prevailing circumstances.

However, the central idea has remained the same as stated in the Vedas nearly 4000 years ago - “Absence of Injury”. But to understand the essence of it all, we first need to know as to what and how an injury may be inflicted. It may be one or all of the three- kayaka (Physical Actions), vacaka (words) and manasika (Thoughts). While in the present world, the first may seem to be regulated by the word of law, the latter has been unintentionally a common factor in the arena of the virtual world and social media.

But all in all, it is time to take responsibility for our actions, for all that is happening around us. It is high time that we as a united force give a new meaning to the age-old expression. It is time we apply it to our surroundings. It is time we address each and every being around us to the same degree of respect and consideration.

This is where we the people at Ahimsa India step in. We believe that every organization be it small, medium or large in its size should be given an ample amount of resources to flourish. We believe that instead of growing the Indian Business Sector into an unhealthy cut-throat race to the top, a system has to be evolved for a collaborative growth towards mutual betterment. We consider the whole nation to be one soul (आत्म) striving towards self-dependency (आत्मनिर्भरता). We believe that by adopting the ancient teaching of ahimsa embodied by the revolutionaries of the past, the future can be envisioned one with an equitable revival of the arts, culture, knowledge and skills of the people forgotten.

We at Ahimsa India believe in non-violence.

-By Yashasvi Krishna

Mahatma Gandhi

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