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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

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A word that resonates to all aspects of life but almost all of those aspects are devoid of it. It indeed has been termed as a utopian thought by all of us inherently because of its scarcity. Yet all the world strives to achieve it either because of the role models assigned to the civilization by the religious scriptures, ancient struggles or the modern info-media, or because of the state in itself being a form of hope in our minds for the better.

After analyzing all the various sources of understanding of the state we believe peace to be, it is to be understood that it takes different forms for different sections of the society. Peace may be termed as a satisfaction of the needs and wants of all parties with an omnipresent balance, however, can also be misconstrued as the individual party satisfaction, which is the case in the present world.

All of us aim for individual peace through intellectual advancement, social rank enhancement and for some self-actualization as well. It is accompanied with the goal of achieving national peace through technological advancement, consolidation of national communities through constitutional representation and recognition, and efficient resource management. Global peace entailing preservation of natural resources, equitable representation and protection of entities and cooperative ethos remains to be the least taken care of, worst managed and most exploited form.

The consolidation of all three can really be termed as ‘Peace’. And most importantly, this idea is achievable by clearing the first two tiers referred above. We can develop ideals for global peace but can’t make sizeable actions without acquiring individual and national peace. So it’s all up to us for deciding the path and reaching the end goal to not render it a redundant ideal for the future generations as well. -Yashasvi Krishna

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