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Public Relation Management Service

Successful PR services serve as an offensive strategy to keep your customers informed, and engaged. But more often than not, Public Relations get tossed around in meetings. To make sure your firm has an effective communication strategy, we at Ahimsa India make sure that our PR management gives you customer specific directives to act on.

  • Message Management

  • Engagement Stories

  • Developing and Implementing Media Strategies

  • Lead Generation

  • Tracking Followers Count

  • Handling All Types of Media Communications

  • Create and Manage All Public Content (including image, video, writing)

  • Branding and Advertising Communication

  • Relevant Content to Reach Company’s Targeted Audience

Our PR vocation is to create a positive impact of our client, on their audience, by providing effective, strategic communications. Our expert PR team works to develop a high impacting communications’ master plan to achieve client specified goals. As a part of the communications blueprint, we work with other facets of Ahimsa India to ensure that each channel is optimized and seamlessly working to its fullest potential.

Improving company relations with the outside world is an essential key, to unlock the lock, to improve brand recognition and overall impression of quality on customers. Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of our clients, we are engaged in providing Public Relation Management Service.

We provide services to our clients according to their needs. We bring forth PR related services by bordening the corporate communications on the behalf of our elite clientele, by effectively communicating with the public, managing the media, and helping keep the brand image intact. We offer an entire management service for client interaction with various stakeholders.

Besides this, our clients can avail our service at any time.

Tasks we undertake

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