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Telemarketing services hold the power to create communication with both new and existing customers. We deal in taking care of all the telemarketing requirements that are needed to increase the revenue by closing the sales through the inbound and outbound process of telemarketing.

We provide you with informative insights into the requirements that are unfulfilled. We also provide the strategies and ways to relate with your customers to understand their issues and develop a deepening bond with them.

Explore our Tele Marketing Services

Our team of experts take care of all tele marketing related business requirements. We provide: 

·  Inbound sales

·  Outbound research

·  Inbound customer services

·  Outbound lead generation

·  Telemarketing sales

·  B2B Telesales services

·  B2B Cold calling services

Ahimsa holds a team of professionals who make sure to handle any call effortlessly. They are well trained in sales and answer the queries proficiently. They also take care of the digital recording, quality control processes and productivity reports.